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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey for the last 7 Years

What is Fit & Funky Kids?

We are a visiting health and fitness class that will come to your centre at a fixed time each week. Your child will develop their gross motor skills while engaging their imaginations. Taking part in Fit & Funky Kids will ensure your child has FUN whilst in a positive learning environment.

Fit & Funky Instructors

All Fit & Funky Kids instructors have been expertly trained in the Fit & Funky Kids program. They will come from a dance, sport or teaching background.

Fit & Funky Classes

A 30 minute class starts off with a dance number specially choreographed to include various dance styles and popular hits. Following this we concentrate on an array of activities and sports to strengthen and stretch the body. We will finish the class with yoga so all children go back to class relaxed and happy.

Fit & Funky Sports and Activities

We build on skills learnt each week . Your child will develop a strong sense of self and confidence. Their social skills will improve while they learn and enjoy what could be the beginning of a  lifelong passion for dance, sport, music and healthy habits.